Our ministry is to provide a facility in Scotland to bring the work of the writing country to the notice of all Christians in Scotland that they may, together with Christians throughout the world, understand better the inequalities and injustices suffered particularly by women. We also want to identify with the writing country and bring a sense of joy and togetherness knowing that in Christ we are sisters and brothers to each other. In our prayer together we exhibit harmony and mutual support through which the writing country, and others along the way will feel a sense of buoyancy, generated by the knowledge that we are together, that they are not alone. Together we work to create pressures in our own society that will bring about change so that we can look forward to justice and harmony for all.

In the left column are links to the three recent ministries, the immediate past World Day of Prayer, the current, and the forthcoming World Day of Prayer.

Future ministries are considered by the International Committee and writing countries have been allocated up to 2026.

  • 2023 Taiwan – “I Have Heard About Your Faith”
  • 2024 Palestine – “I Beg You… Bear With One Another in Love”
  • 2025 Cook Islands – “I Made You Wonderful”
  • 2026 Nigeria – “I Will Give You Rest: Come”

For themes after this date the International Committee are inviting applications from prospective writing countries and will be processing the applications at a meeting after the closing date of the July 30th 2021.

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