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The symbol of the World Day of Prayer was designed by a young Irish artist in 1982, the year when the service was prepared by the women of Ireland, and adopted as the International logo.
The design comprises arrows converging from the four points of the compass, four figures kneeling in prayer, the Celtic Cross and a circle representing the world and our unity through all our diversity.

International Structure

The International Committee, which is composed of delegates from the National committees, meets every four years to:

  • select themes and writers for the services
  • elect an executive committee (from 7 geographical regions)
  • prepare a budget from funds provided by National Committees
  • consider ways to extend the Movement
  • share experiences of the World Day of Prayer

The International Executive is composed of two representatives from each of seven regions:Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Caribbean/North America and Pacific, led by the Chairperson and Executive Director.

The Regional Committees are composed of delegates from the National committees in that region, led by two executive representatives. The European committee meets every four years.

European Regional Committee

The WDP Scottish Committee forms part of the European Regional Committee and provides a delegate to that committee. The purpose of this committee is to provide facilities for the executive members of the committee to support and encourage existing national committees to grow and flourish as well as to promote new countries to establish commitees for the furtherance of the principles of the World Day of Prayer and to represent the European Region on the International Committee.

National Structure

The Scottish Committee is composed of representatives of all major denominations in Scotland:

Church of ScotlandScottish Episcopal ChurchCongregational Federation
Baptist ChurchRoman Catholic ChurchReligious Society of Friends
Methodist ChurchUnited Reformed ChurchUnited Free Church of Scotland
Salvation ArmyChurch of the Nazarene

The Scottish Committee meets several times and works throughout the year to:

  • prepare and distribute material for the World Day of Prayer service.
  • decide on the distribution of funds.
  • promote the World Day of Prayer movement.

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