10 Days of Prayer Day 10

Rev David Miller, Free Church of Scotland

Loving God, we come to You to praise and worship You for Satan is defeated. For all that is necessary has been done so that we may return to our loving Father and to You. So we give thanks for the gift of Your Son the Lord Jesus. And we give You thanks for the promise that the plans You have for us are good. We live in a world that may seem bleak, we live in a world where our times seem strange and difficult and confusing. We live in a situation where, for many of us our churches seem to be struggling  and yet in these difficult and unsettling and even overwhelmingly times we give You thanks that the Gospel remains true. That the plans You have to give to us all a future and a hope remains true. Your Gospel is good news for the world and good news for us. So may we live and walk as people of hope, people with hearts and minds fixed on You. People open to Your guidance and leading. We pray in particular that will lead and guide the international committee meeting in June. But for each one of us, as we pray and lift our world to You, and as we seek to walk in that world of people of hope may we have our eyes fixed on You and may we walk boldly into the plans You have for us. And we ask these things in the name of Jesus. Amen

Rev David Miller, Free Church of Scotland

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