WDP Accounts 2022

Donations made to Writing Country Appeals and others in 2022

Scottish Bible Society £7,000
Teen Challenge £3,000
New Hope £2,000
International and European work of WDP £2,000

Touchstone £2,000
Scottish Bible Society £500 (Ukraine)
Ukraine Appeal £1,000

The WDP Accounts for 2021

Looking at 2021

This year has been a difficult one for everyone, but as long as we remain positive anything is possible. Although a lot of services have been held online, we are most grateful for the donations that we have received from groups and individuals.

Although this is a finance report, it shows that people have enjoyed some kind of fellowship remotely, but I think we all will look forward to the time when we can meet together in Person.

The priority for the Scottish Committee WDP is to ensure that we have finance to supply Orders of Service including Shortened version, Braille, Children’s Service and many other documents that enable us to reach every corner of Scotland for those who do not have internet access or the ability to use that wonderful technology -Zoom.

After we make sure that we are able to cover all these costs and have a reserve remaining, then OSCR, the charity commission, is happy that we disperse monies to other charities. The accounts for this year carry a special reserve to cover the cost of the international Meeting in 2022.

Suzanne Foster, Treasurer

Donations Made to Others 2021

Scottish Bible Society £5,500
Feed the Minds £5,500
Charities of Vanuatu £7,000
International and European work of WDP £2,500

The WDP accounts for 2020

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