Prayer: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

A prayer on the occasion of the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth

Almighty and everlasting God,
in you there is neither beginning nor end;
you are from everlasting to everlasting, ever good and ever true.
You are our hope in life and in death,
and in your word of promise we place our trust. Today we give thanks for the life of your servant, our Queen Elizabeth,
whom now you have taken to be with you.
Long has she reigned over us,
offering support and courage,
a steadying hand in difficult days,
and a kindly presence in times of peace and prosperity.

We praise you for her life,
so rich in years and in service,
for her unwavering commitment to country, commonwealth, and every generation.
And for her trust in Jesus Christ,
her devotion to the church, and her respect for other faiths,
receive our thanks today.
May she rest in peace and let light shine upon her.

In their loss, comfort her family,
especially our King as he assumes his new responsibilities;
assure them of your unending love,
grant them the consolation of cherished memories,
and the hope of your promised kingdom.
These prayers we offer in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.

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