These pages are to provide the information that may be useful for organisers and their congregations to provide for the preparation and delivery of a fulfilling service.


Artist chosen for the EWNI Service: 

Angie Fox, from Norfolk, is an embroiderer and vestment designer. Married to an Anglican Priest and having lived in various places (including two times in Papua New Guinea), Angie says she gets ideas for her best designs when she should be listening to her husband’s sermons!

Having participated in many WDP services, she is ‘thrilled to be chosen to provide the artwork for her own country’.

Artist’s Statement: Following the theme given, I have used several images to depict the key words as follows:

Freedom: an open door to a pathway across an endless open vista

Justice: broken chains

God’s Peace and Forgiveness: the dove of peace and a peace lily breaking through the pavement

Over all a rainbow which has come to represent all these things from the story of Noah through to the modern day. From a sign of God’s covenant with man to a symbol of unity between different sections of our modern community.

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