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Let’s pray together for the people suffering due to war. Yes, they’re suffering a lot. Children, the sick and elderly are suffering; many young people are dying. Let’s not forget Ukraine. Let’s think of the people of Palestine and Israel, that the Lord might bring them a just peace….

And our thoughts turn every day to the very serious situation in Israel and in Palestine. I am close to all those who are suffering, Palestinians and Israelis. I embrace them in this dark moment. And I pray for them a lot. May the weapons be stopped: they will never lead to peace, and may the conflict not widen! Enough! Enough, brothers! In Gaza, let the wounded be rescued immediately, let civilians be protected, let far more humanitarian aid be allowed to reach that stricken population. May the hostages be freed, including the elderly and children. Every human being, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, of any people or religion, every human being is sacred, is precious in the eyes of God and has the right to live in peace. Let us not lose hope: let us pray and work tirelessly so that the sense of humanity may prevail over hardness of heart.

Pope Francis

Prayer: :

Living God, today we pray for all the people in Israel/Palestine,that they may discover the courage and humility to build peace together and that they will seek a just path of reconciliation.
For our Muslim brothers and sisters in Israel/Palestine this day, we pray “Assalamu Alaikum”.
For our Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel/Palestine this day, we pray “Shalom Aleichem”.
For our Christian brothers and sisters in Israel/Palestine, this day, we pray “The Peace of Christ”. Amen.

Adapted from a longer prayer, © WWPPI The Baptist Union of Great Britain

Prayer from the World Day of Prayer International Committee

God of Peace and Justice,
We cry out to you with broken hearts and deep anguish for what is unfolding in Israel and Palestine. It is difficult to find the words to express the weight of this moment. We rest on your Spirit, who intercedes with sighs too deep for words. We ask that you heal every wound, and you give us wisdom for how to stop this cycle of violence. We pray especially for women who are particularly vulnerable in times of war. Move our world quickly towards peace and justice.

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